TinySharpZip – small library which has ability to create and extract ZIP archives

.NET framework still lacks ZIP archive support so I created this library to allow .NET developers who needed simple ZIP archive manipulation functionality and not want to redistribute third party code as additional dll.

The library is written purely in .NET/C# and uses System.IO.Compression.DeflateStream to compress and decompress data compressed with “deflate” algorithm.

Please note: the library is very simple and does not support all features described in ZIP format specification from PKWARE(encryption, many compression methods, extra fields, etc).

TinySharpZip supports only ’store’ and ‘deflate’ compression methods and can:

* create ZIP archives and extract only these archives programmatically
* extract archives from ‘trusted’ sources when you sure that ZIP archive format is supported

Again, the library is not intended to provide ZIP archive management functionality for end users and should not be used for products allowing to extract any ZIP archives. More sophisticated libraries (SharpZipLib, DotNetZip) or commercial libraries can be used for these cases.

There is no documentation for the library, it has very simple interface and I hope you will understand how to work with it from sample application and source code.

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